pull the plug #394

Newly nailed ‘Pull the Plug’ transmission is a Monkees fest of sorts paying tribute to the recently passed Peter Tork with some neat selections from ‘Head’ and a smattering of rare out takes that surfaced on one or another of Rhino’s trawls into the bands extensive (and at the time) untouched archive and yes I’m sorry to say, I rather like the Tork version of ‘can you dig it’ which I must admit, I can’t recall having previously heard. That said ‘for pete’s sake’ is a bit of a peach as well. Anyhow, its not all Monkees, a few tracks thrown in to compliment, who the BBC annoyingly and patronisingly belittled to describe as the original ‘boy band’ – seriously – such lazy journalism, only sorry my licence is on direct debit, among you scattered gems you’ll find John Myrtle’s excellent ‘Colin the Slug’ getting another nudge, this time the b-side ‘spider on the wall’ fostering a deserved airing, a gorgeous slice of olde English eccentrica teased with the most deliciously quaint village green lolloping motifs and just a whiff of the Cleaners of Venus which as you good grooved vibed hipsters all know is no bad thing. Add in some tasty Jack Ellister styled stoner anthem addled kookiness with ‘high above our heads’. Somewhere else, the utterly adorable le superhomard grace the listening space with the delightfully airily chic sun shimmered ‘meadow lane park’ – this one hitting a spot somewhere Gulp and Lake Ruth, expect reviews of their album shortly. Which just leaves us to say that we’ll be researching further the new groove from Lucille Furs, this smoking ‘un featured here, ‘no word in English’ so far annoyingly escaping our listening gaze and unless my ears do deceive arriving featuring some nifty honky tonk gubbins, certainly one for all you Hanging Stars admirers out there. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-28th-february-2019/

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