Not altogether sure what Churchcore is or whether it at all exists as a generic species, between you and me, I think they make these things up so that like rumours or misplaced thought eggs, they germinate and grow legs which in time assume a fixed pride of place in the mind’s furniture, a bit like something along the lines of espousing that politicians are clever. That said, where I ever had cause to pause and wonder, what churchcore might sound like, then in all honesty it wouldn’t be too far from the vibe being percolated by Weirdo as it happens. Described as the difficult second album, such creative hardship explaining a near 15 year absence since their debut, this ‘un officially drops tomorrow via Small Bear. A three track affair that opens with the arrival of ‘mountains’, a slyly turned beauty trimmed with a cut glass classicism. This softly purring slice of soul blushing is tenderly stirred with the kind of bitter sweet tracing you’d imagine spooling forth from a studio gathering featuring various members of All About Eve, the Cranberries and the Sundays. Somewhere else, there’s a Pulp meets Rialto tug about ‘It’s not you. It’s weirdo’, which with its 60’s inflections and emotion swept ballad shimmering to anthem rationing, not to mention its possession of a smokily chic storyboard unfurling, has an allure and creative kudo whose roots weave with nostalgic gusto to the late 60’s and these days only appear to thrive and spurn from the pen of a certain David Gedge in his Cinerama guise. Still, nice to see that it’s the parting shot that secures the votes in the affection stakes, not ones for the obvious us. Sounding a tad un-seasonal, I’ll just say quickly this is divinely pressed with a wintry dusting, Christmas like, the sparse ghost light that is ‘choose a phrase’ is steeled with a slow burn elegance and majesty that’s braced with a Velveteen feintness as though redacted by the Spacemen 3 and something which, had he still been around, would have had Mr Peel surrendered and sobbing whilst impishly rigging the Festive 50 to ensure its top spot.

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