the assembled minds

Recorded in real time and on location thus ensuring to a small degree, the atmosphere and the electrical vibrancy of the location was recorded and mapped for posterity, ‘Psychogeographic Audio Explorations Along the A303 Vol.1’ marks the first of a series of promised recordings by the Assembled Minds (Matt Saunders of Magnetaphone fame). Out via the recently dornmant Patterned Air imprint, this two track aural experiment comes pressed on limited quantity lathe cut 7’s – just 30 in total, last time we checked there where just two remaining. No doubt accompanied and decorated in the eye catching detailing of Patterned Air recordings of yore, the release marks a welcomed return for Saunders who in the liner notes of the press gubbins, makes mention of his ongoing collaborations with Farmer Glitch and IX Tab as Rapid Eye Electronics LTD, a collective who so far appear to have escaped our watchful ear though fear not, questions will be asked. As said, two tracks feature on this limited lathe cut, both superbly contrasting accounts, the opener ‘the hill with the Vortex’ grooved with a minimalist shocking whereupon the march of analogue fanfares creep ominously like some oblique ritual calling attempting to resurrect the spirits of the past, beautifully eerie, its sparsely weaved regal pageantry drawing a close knit kinship with the Heartwood Institute albeit as though retuned and glacially toned through the radiophonic viewfinder of Add N to X. Over on the flip, the overtly more warming in texture, the glide away that is ‘Refracting Blue Stone Light Vibration‘ is murmured in the kind of abandoned and frosted tenderness that evokes the ghost of Magnetaphone, that same distant beauty, that same caught frozen in a moment sentiment that adored their exquisite 4AD outing ‘the man who ate the man’.

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