pages from ceefax

A little referring to the descriptor liner notes ought to give you a more than adequate hint as to where this one is going ‘….. an audio love letter to dying communication technology …..’. Heading out on limited cassette appearance on the Industrial Coast Tapes imprint, this is the latest retro recital from the hive collective known as Pages from Ceefax. Been a while, a little too long for our liking but well worth the wait with this twin pronged ghostly appearance somewhat providing what might be best described as an outer body stream of consciousness all mapped out in mushrooming short wave modulations and the frying embers of the minds hard drive under going a crash protecting data dump of lost memories and abandoned transmissions. Two extended montages feature within, the second of which, or the B side if you must, we’ll return to at the weekend, all of which leaves us for now, to concentrate our head space on the lead out track ‘PfC 2019’. A trippy blighter it seems once, that is, your head has re-calibrated itself to its little floaty foibles and completed the necessary auto correction to make sense and decipher the binary signals from the woozing weaves of reclaimed memories. It all makes for an at once, disorientating and deeply dream like journey, an experience best enjoyed and experienced through head phones, that way you get to swim in the stereophonic stream of its eerie escapism, in turn immersing yourself in your own inner space playground. The effect, aside being strangely airless and spaced out, is akin to space walking or tuning in and out on some cerebral long wave setting, the gloopy ambient formations amorphous and in varying states of flux and decay, dissipate and dissolve in far out fleeting forms assuming a mind morphing mosaic which ultimately at its finale, cooks up an almost stoned out jazz headed smokiness.

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