art trip and the static sound

Been a fair old while since we cause to hang up the bunting in celebratory readiness for new Art Trip and the Static Sound groove, seriously we were getting so concerned that missing persons adverts were being considered. Anyhow, panic off with news of this little nugget seemingly causing a rumpous at the local bop hop pogo centre. Ripped from their ‘a week of kindness’ full length, which to much gnashing of teeth and audible grumbling we’ve yet to hear, ‘iron lung’ channels the kind of hackles honing angular austere post punk phrasing that once upon time used to grace and grizzle the grooves of releases bearing the name the Clerks upon their hides. A locked grooving predator blessed with a dead eyed long stare and cut with a cutely caustic edginess which, if you, for a second, pull up close to the speakers, might mistake it for a frantically wired and anxiety addled Pete Shelley.

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