the cleaners from venus

Oh yes, indeed in need of this, newly peeled video moving picture from the Cleaners from Venus’ new ‘Time Machine’ EP which is and isn’t new given it features a smattering of tracks from last years much loved ‘life in a time machine’ full length all perked up with the additional appearance of two brand nuggets all of which, we’ll mention in greater detail tomorrow, if we remember that is. And remember we will since we’ve just tattooed our forearms with a marker pen so luminous we’ve had to take to wearing shades to dim the eye burning effects of its brightness. More importantly though, this here new picture show, directed and animated by the stupidly talented Jodie Lowther (see Quimper) for the lead out track ‘life in a time machine’ is a trippy delight, no doubt the work of a creative schooled on Python and the Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’ cartoon surrealism and something that perfectly compliments the sounds it visualises. Sitting somewhere on a lysergic rainbow between Robyn Hitchcock and the Chemistry Set, this acid spaced kaleidoscopic, dreamily drifts casually astral gliding adored and adorned in all manner of classically tailored 60’s finery and the kind of old eccentric peculiar whose bloodline traces directly back to Barrett.

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