pull the plug

Really loving this recent batch of Pull the Plug transmissions, now that we’ve remembered to tune into them, fear not you, the night and the music and the Quiet Meadow folk, we will be getting back on the listening horse soon, just been a slow process getting into our stride. Anyhow, tracklisting wise this looks and hints at being just a brief visit with three featured cuts, however a full on 30 minute stint from the ever dependable weird ear of Johnny 7 that opens with a superbly contrasting brace of cuts from Croudy, who as far as I know and can recall (not that that’s saying much given we’ve trouble recalling what we’ve been listening to earlier today, that said the great analogue to digital transferring of the tapes is still afoot, a time consuming project which today has yielded a fair old spot of bopping to the likes of Make Up, Leatherface and the Dead Kennedy’s doing a stirling recut of ‘Rawhide’) has never previously had cause to bother our listening space. Anyway, we will be researching further on the evidence of this twinset, the former cut ‘wet liver sausage’ from 1980 certainly taking its skewed cue from a particularly wiry Flying Lizards after that is, someone has confiscated all their bop boxes and sellotaped synths, leaving them with a hopeless and somewhat haunted, hand held tennis ping pong arcade game. Fast forward a decade or two and ‘Spaceports (Route B)’ finds the Croudy one immersed in all manner of serenely silvered dream drifting astral glides whose bespoke and beguiled bliss kissed beauty for the best part of its 18 minute odyssey, has something of the Jarre celestial about its persona before that is morphing mid way through with Moroder-esque chic, to rise from its hyper sleep pulsing to a soft psych mesmeric. Transmission #395 wraps up with ‘An Abundance (Of Your Golden Hair)’ by duo Virgin Crunch, a track from ’83 (again featuring Croudy – is there something I’m missing here?), apparently released on limited cassette press, a wonderfully mellow and lilting slice of souring and bruised dream away and something not a million miles from Vini Reilly all said in terms of mood, texture and quiet introspection. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-7th-march-2019/

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