gavin miller and polypores

If you’re after one of these, forget it, they’ve all gone, well the cassettes have, all in a blink of an eye on pre order rumour alone. Now I’m staring at a space in the cassette shelf that I’d spent an age sorting a little vacant plot between those recent Truth in Space and Handspan releases via Polytechnic Youth and the Dark Outside. Would have looked nice. Alas, a tiny space now cries out. Indeed, not even we were quick to the call on this one, the amount of gurning and gnashing of teeth during the entire play of ‘those infinite spaces’ has doured the listening space with a disconsolate air of depressed defeat and emptiness which I sure is palpable as you wade through this sorrowful account. Oh we do like to share the misery here. Anyway, to blame for all this are the this is it forever tape imprint who’ve just turned in an immense listening event that pairs together the talents of Polypores and Gavin Miller (Worried about Satan) on a split cassette with each artist taking up residency on either side of the tape. Featuring two long form ambient suites, Polypores side of the deal is the orbital divine that is ‘those infinite spaces’ a radiant cosmic sun rise of sorts silvered in a voluminous wide screen aspect, a hulking celestial monolith of some measure that draws into Pye Corner Audio trajectories and hitherto engages in a wonderfully jubilant hymnal of the heavens to pirouette and pulse to the very heart beat of the galactic realm. It’s been a while since Worried by Satan last troubled these pages, though I’m suspecting that the this is it forever label is the primary lair for all things Gavin Martin who here compliments Polypores perfectly with the equally engaging ‘dragon lily’. In truth, a track that piqued the interest of Dylan the house cat, who most taken with the track, raised his head momentarily from all day slumber to sigh with purring approval before returning to kitty kip to chase birds and other various wildlife. A more inwardly tuned account on this occasion, an inner space oceanic if you must, daubed delicately in the dosing demur of dream drift dissolves and the mellowing tranquilized state of slo-mo stoner bliss tripping which all said, I’m sure sounds far better on tape.

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