Following hard(ish) on the heels on today’s daily gaff whereupon we incorrectly noted that Dan Shea was formerly of Vukovar (see Beauty Stab review for posterity and stupidity before we amend it), now comes news of new groove, yep you guessed right, from er ….. Vukovar, kind of creepy and premonition like eh? (seriously before you ask, we do not script or plan these things). Two new happenings due to land shortly, a single for quite perfect Sonido Polifinico imprint and an album for the other voices imprint entitled, rather grimly, ‘Cremator’ the latter of which we’ve grabbed a few tracks from for easy listening, like yeah that’ll happen so expect high praise and a fair degree of speaker walloping before the week is out. The album due in May, comes pressed in variations of black and grey vinyl while for tape heads, there’s a limited cassette for drooling over. In the meantime, a teaser video to get you salivating. Glad to see they’ve lost none of their darkly harrowing despair nor their emotion savaging melodic musing which here in brief stints is pitched to perfection, its spectrum ranging from storm calling bombasts to the kind of, now trademark, cathedral-esque anthems that this lot appear to apply and excel in with the disturbing ease of the Chameleons and the Church before them. On this brief recital, a far spacier and atmospherically textured, muscular and advanced palette that pitches them in a room alone piloting a maples trajectory to terrains solely their’s of the making.

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