Back with the flip side to that humongous 12 inch twin set from Ashtoreth, those paying attention at the back might recall us being floored by the heavy duty happenings of ‘Rite I’ (see ). Though lightened by and removed of the sonic weight of the previously mentioned ‘Rite I’, don’t for a second be mistaken in thinking that ‘Rite II’ is any less capable of portraying something stilled in deep despair and retribution, it’s a matter of shifting focus and attack, utilising a more subtle and nuanced approach than simply pinning you in a corner. That said, what emerges here after a prolonged period of light sucking black hole like dark ambient texturing of the type that just chills with haunted isolationism, the kind of which wouldn’t have looked to out of place looming menacingly from the shop window of Beta Lactam Ring records at one time or another, think Soriah in the main, for at the 6 miniute mark this deceptively turns on its axis. Its at this point, what was first macabre now morphs sublimely through the realms of melancholia to majestic, much like sun radiating through storm passed rain clouds or an eclipsing heavenly body, the effect is beasutifully serene and somewhat touched with the beyond.

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