Many thanks to (Wayne J. Tirone) Moonbloom for gently guiding us in the general direction of a Reverb Worship issue that we somehow managed to overlook on its dispatch last month. Now I’m wondering if this is the same Moonbloom who oft adored these pages many, many years ago, I seem to recall a handful of outings being much cause for the celebratory festooning of bunting. Entitled ‘Callisto’, just 40 copies of this nugget are in the offing, featuring four softly psyched nomads, it was the third track ‘forest choir’ that initially piqued our interest, something of a quiet / loud echo to the days of classic era Flying Saucer Attack, though scratch a little deeper and repeated listening had us scrambling fast for our copy of Montgomery and Heaphy’s Kranky gem ‘True’ for closer comparison. Equally adored is the astral sigh of the lunar shimmertone that is ‘moon salutation’ as its fleetingly space walks on the outer markers of the Fuxa spectrum grooved in the hazily opiated bliss of Sonic Boom. Somewhere else, the reverb soaked sulk of ‘Sky Totem’ continues apace on the late 80’s New Zealand noise pop road, though why the hell I’m having flashback visions of some imagined happening between a youthful Grails and the late Jack Rose is beginning to disturb, perhaps its primitive almost stoner like shreds that vibrate throughout its hazily glazed desert dry withering bluesed kaleidoscopia are to blame. ‘third eye armada’ wraps matters up on this immense ghost rider-esque set, a howling arid mystical mantra kissed with moments of wasted third eye freakery.Any questions?

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