Mentioned in earlier dispatches, here’s that other Sleepyard release currently doing the rounds. Described as the more experimental arm of Sleepyard, ‘Rituals’ is a notably more ambient based collaboration that pitches together the talents of Oliver Kersbergen (Sleepyard) and Jan-Morten Iversen. Already featured here, Sleepyard’s ‘Songs from Slow Earth’ EP does in fact figure among its seven strong suite the teaser tasting track ‘Dreams of Anaxagoras’ (incidentally the parting track found here), described somewhere here, as a drifting ghost light. ‘Rituals’ pretty much draws from the same sonic blood line, spectral eeries and silvery Radiophonic styled shimmertones appear to be the order of the day here, the ominous ‘Black Rain’ opens matters superbly, set to a sinister soundtrack vibe, it peers between the magic and the macabre all the time teetering with a voidless disquieting disorientation. The longest track at near 15 minutes, ‘Rome entwined’ initially does little to warm or shake the overcasting mood of terror, or at least the suggestion of ne’er do well occurrences to come, stilled in a lifeless vacuum, a ghostly wandering orb emerges in the eerie nothingness, a fixed point spectre gradually assuming density and definition all the time serenaded by the chilling cortege of spine tingled chimes, very isolationist and somewhat disturbed, much like Barry Gray’s end credits to the Andersons’ ‘UFO’. But then, at the ten minute point, after a period of, what might be described as, lengthy inactivity, it slowly rises momentarily with an almost surreal impishness before falling away into a low density drone sequence whereupon pull up closely, you’ll hear the slow pulse line of a softly arcing sigh drifting out into the ether.

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