kramies ft. jason lyttle

Seriously, I really do need to get on top of this email lark, that way I wouldn’t be embarrassed by a constant tide of red faced apologies. Case in point, Kramies, now how did I miss this first time of asking, no excuse really, just put it down to hopelessness. Now ordinarily, I’d be minded to skip along, avoiding the unpleasantries and just putting it down to experience, it has afterall been around since last winter. However, its such a sweetie that where we just to pass by and ignore it, then we’d feel a wrong had been committed and well, we need our nights sleep uninterrupted with feeling of guilt. Added to this fact, it has been a while since we had cause to sample the wares of Hidden Shoal, whom I’m suspecting are thinking we’ve either vacated the planet or fallen out of love with them. So cutting to the chase, this features Jason Lyttle, its by Kramies who excels in sculpturing sonic heartbreak and its called ‘everything the end’. Beautifully airless, this comes seduced with a demurring and dreamy drift away dappling, a moment caught and suspended in time all whispered and hushed by an entrancing and intimately hypnotic ethereal glazing that momentarily locks you out of the maddening now to descend upon you like some warming visitation. Utterly breathless and beguiling.

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