Why aren’t we on the Felte mailing list and why is it that we keep finding ourselves tripping over their delights by happy accident. You see there’s more to life than squabbling parliamentarians who, what with all the embarrassing school yard shenanigans of the bore that is Brexit, quite frankly couldn’t be trusted to find a bottom in a bag of arseholes. It’s these questions (not the Brexit one) that keep us awake at night with concerned worry. Latest from the Felte house of frosted dreams, ‘the Mirage’ by Chasms from off which ‘every heaven in between’ has been somewhat seducing the listening space here. Another of those ice formed dream drifts which these label seems ridiculously adept at picking up. Time locked somewhere in the early 80’s, this lilting ghost light is kissed with the ethereal of the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil, its glassy shimmertones strangely engaged in a deeply entrancing spectral torch trimming whose hushed amorphous elegance is found teasingly tethered in lilting ripples of lost in the moment raptures.

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