dana gavanski

Now this is quite something else. Out through full time hobby whose absence from these musings has been duly noted and discussed behind closed doors with a degree of wounded wonder, this ‘un is taken from an incoming 7 inch planned for April end adoring. This, I guarantee will break hearts and have you drawing up close with attentive concern all the time timidly biting your lip as your heart skips beats. A rare moment of aching beauty, which, aside genteelly taking on an outside lane to sit along Linda Perhacs and Susan Christie, arrives arrested in a sweetly feint and fragile phrasing whereupon to the spectral lily hop of dainty melodic murmurs, a disarming vulnerability tugs fiercely upon the heart strings as this folk forlorn seductively weaves its ghostly bewitchment. By Dana Gavanski this is the quite frankly stunning and unsettling beauty ‘One by One’. https://soundcloud.com/fulltimehobby/dana-gavanski-one-by-one

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