the proper ornaments

I’m sure somewhere about us, we’ve a download for their imminent full length ‘Six Lenins’ for Tapete, if not, then certainly a lengthy email or some other such. This is the Proper Ornaments, who’ve been known on previously visitations,to have had us all a tad subdued and misty eyed, this latest, a teaser single from that aforementioned incoming entitled ‘please release me’ proving to be the case in point. In truth, the kind of softly sunned groove that Parasol records used to kick out with alarming frequency at one time, its genteel almost airless persona weaving the kind of Byrdsian drift rarely heard done better around these parts, since the days of the Clock Strikes 13, mind you Clientele admirers might find more than enough of a slow burning smoulder here to have them literally chomping at the bit.

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