archiv: maps and diagrams

archive review – originally posted on the losing today site c. 2004


Strictly limited to 100 copies and all housed in a natural eco friendly cork sleeve, Caoutchouc (pronounced cow-chuck – we assume) is the third album from Tim Martin he who is Maps and Diagrams following on from his well received and much loved outings for Expanding and Pause 2. Eleven snoozing cuts of delicate glitch electronics that have been pretty much snaffled from beneath the noses of the fluffy bubble-esque amour of ISAN to include both the recent ultra limited 5” lathe cut (the gem like curvaceous lure that is Moongolia and the seductively after hours Ooganon) and split (Abseil) releases. Lunar lullabies that suggestively lull and mesmerise is what you get, very Raymond Scott in texture with a woozy 70’s TV testcard appreciation, that’s not to say for a minute that you bang this on and go about your daily business – although I suppose you could, no hidden here are colourful little gems made of the stuff that lights up the night sky, playful, docile and perfect for nursery night glows. In simple terms unobtrusive lounge electronica that’s as direct as a punch to the face, amid the feeling of isolation Martin extrapolates a tender warmth thrban waltzes gracefully in some celestial like rustic hideaway while the trademark shyness throughout dissolves exquisitely for a moment within Sonnr as it nervously exhibits a tender though funky alignment that’s brought to the fore on the delicious Clrtmrk on which the melodies melt romantically. Yet for me it’s Iohma that reveals the future direction of Maps and Diagrams, sublimely teasing hinting at the wonderful realms documented by Sakamoto.

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