You might need to bear with us on this one, I’m suspecting these folk are called Victime, our French disappointingly not being as fluent as it should be and google translate on what appears to be a cigarette break. Anyhow this is heading out of the Strasbourg based imprint Octobertone another label you’ll be happy to hear we’ve somehow overlooked thus far, fear not we have them in our sights now. This is ‘Diego’ – a track dragged kicking and screaming off their current EP which may or, may not be called ‘Mi-Tronc Mi-Jambe’ . Anyhow, this is a damn tasty schizoid sore thumb, all obtusely angular riffs and the kind of stuttering stop start post punk dynamic that was once awash across our listening space courtesy of the much missed Playwrights, this one adhering abrasively with attritional delight to blend a high wiring contortionist hybrid forged from the cross fusing of Slits and Controller Controller DNA’s.

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