Not rightly sure as to whether there are any of these still left, initial press was for 50 cassettes, 49 if you discount a rogue miss-copy or 48 if you take out the copy we’ve ordered from the equation, fear not though because I believe if demand for this is high and they do sell out, then there are plans for a limited re-press. Anyhow, waffling done with, this is the latest from the Dark Outside community, a new opus from Correlations entitled ‘from memory’from off which this sneak teaser excerpt is currently wooing our listening space while we ready up the tape player in anticipation of its arrival. A superbly nostalgic slice of future wave electronica which at given points is turned and seasoned in a lonesome glazing that’s flashed through by moments of radiant sunbursts and lunar pirouettes all awash in the starry spray of orbiting oceanic opines and the divine dappling of rapturing cosmic spirituals, in short something touched with the kosmische eternal.

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