Interlude ….. the great ‘that tracks a good un’ tape to digital project ….

Interlude ….. the great ‘that tracks a good un’ tape to digital project ….

All manner of 90’s listening these last few days, mainly Peel and Radcliffe shows and a blistering Orbital live set from I don’t know where, but safe to say features a spiffing mix of ‘the Box’ ….. probably more of this tomorrow in abundance, who knows …… but a few pretties to warm the cockles …..

Palace music ….

Adventures in stereo ….

Neandethral …..

Spitfire ….

Levitation …..

Punishment of luxury …..

…. we added these last two in just for the fun of it, according to spotify briefing on the band, they (Punishment of Luxury) were voted highly in a list of worst ever releases by Mojo. A little unfair we think given this particular cut reveals the breeding seeds that became the trademark sound of the Cardiacs. I actually remember working with a chap by the name of Mark, who bonding over a shared love of Generation X, he was more their debut full length, while I was stuck in the Kiss me Deadly’ camp, headed me up on these dudes and had me ordering their albums for him when they first appeared on CD in the late 90’s, of course they were swiftly taped for a later listen which twenty years on, we’ve only just refound and played for the first time. As to the Freed Unit, what can we say, the finest and strangest electronic eccentrists ever to fall out of Leicester, or anywhere for that matter. This particular track featured on their seriously underrated ‘gigglegoo’ album which in a certain summer long since a fond memory, was a constant listening companion.

The Freed Unit …….

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