Hit us in an instant, its effervescent crush peeling softly and surely with a breezy radiance that in truth has had us succulently smothered in a warm inner glowing. A debt of thanks to Katie Gentry for turning our ears in the general direction of a new EP from Peckerjim entitled ‘pecker’. Blessed with a colourfully vibrant harvesting of honeyed harmonies, slouching lazy eyed riffing and a sunnily glazed twee tinkered pristinely pouted power poperism that’s tamed in a disarmingly affectionate disposition, ‘they painted with their fingers’ is one of those tinkerishly adorable sweet hearts that occasionally slopes into the listening space decorating it in a softly subtle and smoked hip hugging west coast fondness. And while the former might bristle with effervescence, the contrasting colours applied to the reflectively etched ‘Moon’ will cast you in a spellbinding whose intimately spectral woo fleets with a beautified ghosting beneath whose tender tread, a delicate spray of richly woven pastoral daisy chain petals form a safe trail home from out of misty enchantment. All said, we here are a tad smitten with the parting giddy up ‘karaoke for the soul’, its lolloping riffs and seesawing n’ sparring needle worked schizoid shambolic arriving spikily garnished with the same kind of delightful prickly pop perfection that swooned and scuffed the craft of the much missed Magoo.

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