pull the plug

Latest transmission from the Pull the Plug folk, show number #396 for the note takers among you, opens with a cut culled from the Stroppies full length for tough love, an album thoroughly recommended around these here parts (best get the finger out and review the blighter then) mainly because its so stupidly happy and immediate, this un a case in point entitled ‘nothing at all’ shimmers and shivers excitedly like some buzzing sore thumb standing at the great indie pop pedestrian stop in a Go Betweens t-shirt waiting for the next C-86 bus. Vanishing Twin, who I’m certain have featured somewhere in these musings at some point or other, execute a dreamy slice night time seduction care of the woozily torch traced ‘Krk (At Home In Strange Places)’ which unless our ears do deceive comes wrapped in the kind of laid back sophisticated seasoning that adored outings by ROC at one time and may still do, though we can’t confirm that as we’ve not seen or heard their latest platter, ahem. Similarly teased in drifting dream pools, DJINN’s ‘Le Jardin De Le Morte’ (which I think roughly translates as ‘the garden of the dead’or maybe even ‘teapot of the dead’ – you can tell our google translate has gone on vacation), reveals itself as a demurring mystic, kind of Floyd warming up on one of their extended cerebral voyages or Oldfield on serious acid. A second reminder for us to go seek out Lucille Furs’ latest grooves, been a while but on the evidence of the sloping west coast after glows of ‘Almond bees’ there’s more than enough 70’s seasoned sun fried surrender here to adore especially given the track morphs towards its parting to a lolloping giddy up. Up next, the Proper Ornaments’ acutely arresting ‘please release me’ which we featured a week or so ago much high praise, a gem like no other we’ve heard all year so far, think Clientele meets the Wicked Whispers, nuff said. Navy Gangs (or Games if you listen to audio description – very confusing) wrap up matters with ‘elf city music’through the annoyingly good Modern Sky imprint, well we say annoyingly good, that’s based on the stuff we rarely hear – hint hint – this ‘un proving no exception to the rule sounding like something that at one time, in the distant past, would have found itself sauntering the grooves of a Bad Jazz or Kooky catalogue all the time attracting sneaky plays from Peel. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-21st-march-2019/

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