home current mix

Ripped this from a Polytechnic Youth posting, a mix set put together by Martin Jensen, better known not to the wider sound community as Home Current, for the Concrete Island folk with a promise of similar to come from Polypores soon. A wealth of groovy I dare say we’ll be losing hours aplenty researching and digging for more for across an hour, Jensen weaves a frost pop purism awash in orbital murmurs (check the softly caressed lunar pulsar ‘on protégé bien les’ by Bene Gesserit) and lost aural apparitions such as the minimalist lo-fi lilt dispersing delicately from Kaa Antilope’s sparsely ghosted analogue alluring of ‘rise up helicopter’. Elsewhere there’s the silken smothering of kooky post punk electronica from the adorable sounding Subject whose ‘don’t be blind’ trips like an AI Au Pairs doppelganger. Those with a thing for Jean Michel Jarre as were immersed in 80’s widescreen filmic dystopia might well fancy a moment in the company of Alain Pierre’s enigmatic ghost light ‘Jan Zonder Vrees’ while I’m certain we featured only recently some retro sounding glacial pop from Autumn only recently when we ran the critical ear across a Deux rarity brought out of deep sleep in the recent issue of Electronic Sound. Fancying some scatty binary bop, then look no further than Vitor Hublot’s ‘Aller Simple’, cut with the kind of excitably distracted electronica that had us giddy in adoration as a younger self while SM Nurse is pure Miss Kitten refigured by Minty while is it just me, or is there a whiff of Donna Summer fracturing the Allez Allez track that completes this rather tasty gathering. https://concreteislands.com/martin-jensens-from-beyond-brussels-with-love-mixtape/?fbclid=IwAR216I7RJ_ycrlw92T6Q7kJYGMRQOV99txSov_K1lU6nqGfxwGSkdq3JARc

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