polypores vs field lines cartographer

Arguably a slightly different collaborative process as to the ones usually embraced by these ‘The Blow’ pair ups, volume 6 of which features friends Polypores and Field Lines Cartographer taking up residence on opposite sides of the cassette. Not due for another month or so through front and follow, but selling fast of its 100 only pressing, the duo when pressed commented upon their approach thus …..’ …..(on the subject of alternate realities and altered states of consciousness) … we’d both been reading books relating to this, and after a few weeks of book-swaps and numerous Youtube wormholes (some valid science, some pure conspiracy theory madness) we each started writing music with this in mind. The idea was to see what would happen if we both wrote from the same starting point, and came up with alternative interpretations of the same subject matter’. So in anticipation of a full review in the coming days, we turn our ear to feast upon the two tracks apiece showcased on the bandcamp previewer. Indeed, contrasting approaches adopted by each of the artists, Polypores here with ‘Rapt’ and ‘Entranced’, assuming a more upbeat cosmic celebration of the two, (‘Rapt’) think of a redux variant of Jarre’s ‘Rendezvous’, two jubilant celestials sending forth rippling reveries across the galactic voids. ‘Entranced’ for its part courting something of the nostalgic eerie and mysterious majesty of those 70’s silver age space missions, its choreography and spirit spooled in a fascination and wonderment dappled in swirling shooting stars and orbiting pirouettes to create a beautifully radiant celestial pulsar. Field Lines Cartographer, a little less obvious, employs a more subtle subduing dystopic engineering to his enterprise, both brooding and slow measured ‘modal realism’ slinks the cosmic nothingness with the silent stealth of an approaching leviathan, assuming both mass and density, a sense of tense awe ominously welcomes its oncoming flight path with an erstwhile deathly dread which when passed, in its wake a serene icy silence falls. ‘echoes in time’ is possessed of a gloopy isolationism that owes to the experimental sci-fi soundtracks of the 50’s, an ice sculptured eerie pettled with a dream like daubing, strangely haunted and equally hallucinogenic in its trippy aftermath austere. https://fandf.bandcamp.com/album/the-blow-volume-6

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