simon mccorry

Expect a sprinkling of Simon McCorry mentions over the coming days what with two releases on the go and one in the pipeline entitled ‘border land’ from off which, for now, we’ve gathered for a close listen of two preview cuts that you’ll find adoring the preview window of his band camp page. On a personal level, I’ve always been touched by the withdrawing sadness and bruised state of melancholia and loss that ekes forth through the magisterial stillness of McCorry’s sonic studies. Perhaps it’s the cello that’s to blame, the sombre of the string section, its chamber toning and low end notations are beautifully attuned to the year end seasonal glooming. Yet death, morbidity and the dark aside, the cello is soothed with a contemplative and thoughtful intimacy, stately and measured it colours with a grand brushstroke whose depth is intrinsically weaved with the very elements of nature’s varying moods and the time weathered lay of the land itself. The aptly named ‘Dust’ is such a case in point, which aside and, despite being forged with a sparse and minimal detailing is elegantly expressed with a blossoming expansive, is sorrowed with a tearful silent majesty. The bowed shimmers somewhat magnified and frozen to an almost stand still frosting, an ethereal opined in sweet solitude and arrested in the crystalline caress of heavenly hushed resonances whose ghosted hymnal aura, both transfixing and meditative, ushers forth a haunted epitaph dappled in bleakening beauty and a bruised remoteness. Spirited with an unfailing sense of departure, I won’t deny that ‘Spheric’ had us emotionally shackled in an instant, its aching, seemingly, fog bound fanfares cry with a grief stricken hypnotic much like the fading sleeping sighs and the slowing breath of a hulking leviathan. Crushing.

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