Sorry but is it just me around here who thinks the debut outing by Diagram sounds a tad like the Undertones’ ‘teenage kicks’ being fed through an electrolyte upgraded mutating morph drive of the Butthole Surfers’ wonkily wig tripped Donovan refry ‘the hurdy gurdy man’. Just me then which is all fine and dandy because this ‘un soon sheds its skin and emerges radiant and star glazed amid dappled dream pop demurs whose seductive yet, somewhat remote ache finds it on an axis sitting somewhere between C Duncan and Public Memory, which as you can imagine is no bad thing especially given its shimmering showers of sun scorched blister blisses, arriving at the 2.40 mark, are geared to have you crushed and emotionally spent, something I dare say for the bruised Toy adorers among you. Anyhow, this is called ‘in my heart, in my soul’, an imminent from Fuzz Club guaranteed to breaks hearts on its approach sometime mid May.

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