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archive review originally posted on the losing today site mid 00’s ……

(Plan DX 17)

Expensive and ultra limited to only 350 hand numbered copies, (my copy incidentally number 302) housed in an egg shaped hinged card sleeve and specially commissioned by Plan DX-17. ‘Tamago’ as though if by surprise, is as uncompromising as anything previously laid down by Merzbow.

Merzbow, as though introductions are of any consequence or relevance, is Masami Akita who to date has released more albums than most people have eaten hot dinners, admittedly we lost count sometime in the mid 90’s. Prolific isn’t in it, such is his release rate he could arguably keep not one but maybe four or five labels working busily on overtime until Kingdom come with each passing collection continually pushing the boundaries of the previous. Widely recognized as the expert exponent in the field of noise his analogue (as was) and digital sonic tornados are by far the loudest and most ferociously unforgiving works (probably in existence today comprising in the main of purified white noise drone-scapes.

The ‘Tamago’ collection is the debut offering from Plan DX-17, specially commissioned the label who approached Merzbow with the simple request to provide ‘a psychedelic noise experience’, and hell did he take that literally. Over the course of 6 tracks Merzbow creates a terrifying landscape of punishing sonic screeches, firmly locking his sights on the burgeoning Japanese psych scene (Acid Mothers Temple et al) he literally performs open heart surgery before crucifying all in his path. Curiously enough once adjusted ‘Tamago’ displays a curious tranquillity amid all the obvious carnage by way of the listening experience at hand and it becomes something that’s not as terrifying and overpowering as first imagined, the drone effects appear rhythmical and, dare I say it, uniformly executed in fact ‘Kangaroo Tracks Part 2’ has moments of grooviness, there I’ve said it too late, still doesn’t detract from the fact though that prolonged listening will eventually melt all surrounding household objects, possibly lead you the listener to require counselling and upset the neighbours. A winner then, nuff said.

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