archiv: mountain men anonymous

archive review – originally posted on the losing today site early 00’s …

(My Kung Fu)

Apparently this bunch of whippersnappers hail from Wales and have a collective age that still makes them illegible to vote. Okay that last part is a little bit of licence shall we say, but then when you consider that this three piece are barely twenty years of age it does make you consider what kind of lives they’ve endured so far because within ‘Krkonose’ (the ensembles sophomore follow up to last years debut on Cytherea which sadly escaped our listening post), belies a supercharged crust that’s fraught with furiously demonic scales overlapped and sweetened by the epically grand doom laden arrangements and hurtfully tragic to boot.

Do not for once mistake youth for naivety, Mountain Men Anonymous have been borne on a diet of ‘Once upon a time in the west’ soundtracks, the kind of soundtracks that cut deep to make you smile thinly in relief while inside being literally washed away by the rivers of tears, think of the barren wastelands so admirably navigated by such luminaries as godspeed, Mogwai, Sigur Ros and hours pawning over classic Constellation and Kranky releases.

In simple terms we advise you to strap up well and prepare for the ride of your life, because ‘Krkonose’ is akin to having your emotions sand blasted, and when I say that the closing track ‘If all else fails’ is up there and bruising with any thing to be found on ‘f# a# oo’ then it’s meant with the reverence it so justly deserves and not some glibly thrown attention seeker. ‘Krkonose’ is heavy hearted, it comes battled scarred, bleeding, but triumphant, at times it rises to soaring peaks of pristine grandeur passing the pain barrier and others as though the final days of the book of Revelations is unfolding in your living room (as so ably attested to on the scathing ‘We stole your rhyming dictionaries’) in fact so cocksure (pardon the pun) are they that on ‘Quim’ (no wise cracks at the back) they even seek to take up where Quickspace left off on the magnificent ‘Death of Quickspace’. From the scene setting pensively crafted doom laden portending ‘Xanexxx’ with its lulling piano sweeps, crudely impatient beats straining at the leash and something that sounds like a typewriter, the storm clouds gather on the horizon only letting loose their grip for the delightfully tranquil ‘Finding heart through pain’, otherwise its lock down time as your senses are battered, cajoled and whipped to a frenzy by the overwhelming monastic like symphonic destruction this trio undertake. F***ing awesome.

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