nicholas langley and dark half

I won’t deny that every time I see the word ‘convoy’, a little voice in the back of my head awakes and momentarily belches out a chorus from the CW McCall track before fading to an idle no doubt having forgotten the rest of the words. In fact for years, mention ‘Convoy’ and I’d pull a face so extreme that onlookers feared I was either in severe mortal pain or had been hit by an unseen invisible hand. It just wreaked of naff. However, the other week on a pretty thin night for TV schedules, found us watching and actually enjoying the Kristofferson led CB extravaganza, ah the CB radio, not that I was a great fan, but the girlfriend at the times’ brother had a kit which for a bored evening or two we took to borrowing, going intermittently live on air under the rather spooky and mischievous alter ego ‘the Hooded Claw’ replete with dastardly voice which if I recall, sounded like a cross between ‘the man in black’ and Baron Silas Greenback, ah the japery of youth. But that was then and this is now (hello ABC), why the misty eyed nostalgic nonsense you might well ask / wonder / roll eyes in derision (delete where applicable), well it seems those Spun Out of Control dudes have just released a limited cassette soundtrack entitled ‘rebel convoy’ by Nicholas Langley and Dark Half, a release that arrives in two colour variants, those being Scorched Earth Amber or Night Sight Neon Green (alas unlike the Simon James release, on ordering we weren’t given a choice as to which one we preferred). Enough of the grumbling though, because while we wait for our copy to drop, we’ve been somewhat taken by the parting cut ‘Rebel Convoy main theme’. A hulking slab of future wave dystopic groove, very much fashioned with an 80’s VHS post apocalyptic eerie and riven through with a shadowy shimmering whose tailoring comes adored with the kind of tension taunting technophobic terrorphonia that you’d imagine oozing grimly from the speakers of some end of times nuclear glowed epitaph conceived by a Carpenter, Frizzi and Simonetti collaboration, certainly one for the Burning Witches admirers among you.

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