Latest newly cut from bigflower, (in fact on closer inspection we’ve spotted two of the blighters – the other barring laptop meltdown will be I’m sure be much adored a little later this evening). However, first up the one mentioned in a recent note (late last night in fact just as we were preparing to disassemble said laptop in a battle of wills, me with hefty spanner, it with the threat to shutdown) from Ivor Perry which almost apologetically greeted its arrival with a kind of uncertain timidity that read like thus ….. ‘ ….. so here’s a new tune…despite what you hear it’s just 2.5 guitars …’. I’ve got to admit that I’m more than a tad taken by the numbing aura that this bruised bliss kiss emits. A sighing epitaph of sorts, around it collapse and decay, a hollowing hymnal much reminiscent of early Tex La Homa and selected moments from the Toshack Highway back catalogue all crushed and bleached in a beautifully brilliantine white light cocophony of tear stained regret.

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