Many thanks to Andrew over at Jezus Factory who I feel we’ve committed a great disservice to of late due to the absence of reviews. A little note pointing us in the general direction of their latest, a set from the Wilderwolves (there’s also another CD about our person, currently missing in action, I’m suspecting the Per W/Pawlowski incoming). However, us being the awkward souls we are, casually perusing the band camp site for a review to make amends found ourselves hooked upon the current Heyme outing. A three tracker headed up by ‘paranoid’, a sub six minute shadow land prowler whose edgy psychosis darkly ruminates restlessly with a withering weaving that places it somewhere in the icy abandon of Roxy’s ‘in every dream house a heartache’ with Tuxedomoon for company. ‘freeze’ on the other hand, despite its title, is substantially lighter by contrast, smoky and warming much like a campfire cosy, disarmingly intimate and yet vulnerable and honeyed in vocal quivers, breezed brass, hushed harmonies and woody aromatics. Rounding out matters, ‘Cruising’ – just between you and me, our favourite moment by the trailing part of a hushed whisper, is possessed, as the title might hint, of a blissful seafaring persona, something which for the second time this evening, had us much minded to go scampering off in search of Toshack Highway platters, notably on this occasion, his first. In short a dainty little dream drift, something for the Vini Reilly admirers out there among you I wouldn’t wonder. https://jezusfactoryrecords.bandcamp.com/album/heyme-paranoid-single

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