interlude …. mother’s day

Interlude …… Mother’s Day…..

… some serious cheating going on here, we forewent (is that a word) the sappy stuff, we know there are deep and meaningful hurters out there, but none came flying to mind (blame us still dizzy and confused with the clocks going forward), so we gathered together a few rambling rockers whose only connection with mother’s day is that they have mama in the title (with a promise of no Genesis / Phil Collins in sight) that open with a get well to Mick Jagger and close with a personal to my own mum ……

Rolling stones ….

Marty robbins ….

The shirelles …..

The farmers boys ….

The moonglows …..

Wanda Jackson ….

Barker Brothers ….

…. and finally, one for my late Mum, I know she slyly loved this ballad …..

Elvis …..

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