life education

Described in passing by its author as ‘…. fusing ancient primitive electronics with sizzling analogue lushscapes and creating the ultimate cacophony of Kraut-centric rock’ – be honest, did you ever really think for one moment we were going to pass up on this. Alas the download codes we’ve received are playing positronic possum in which case, we were for now, (with a hope that we’d catch up on the rest at a later interval) just going to mention one track by way of a teaser, which would have been ‘mystical drip’ where it not for the fact that the blighter bled beautifully into the parting ‘Ancient Machines’. Last time we checked, just four cassettes remaining of this, the latest offering from Life Education (see Patrick R. Pärk / Kösmonaut) entitled ‘Ancient Machines’ through the Æscape Sounds imprint. A wonderfully seductive though somewhat melancholic slice of nostalgic distancing or perhaps more so departing which for all the dancing optimism cosmically choreographed by ‘mystical drip’ still maintains and manoeuvres to a tearful juncture whereby a farewell to the old morphs with hesitant hope, with a welcome to the new. However, all said, it’s the exiting title track ‘Ancient Machines’ that provides for the sets defining moment, emerging from the cosmic fog, siren calls drift like search lights, ethereal fanfares weaving through the starry voids pulse and pirouette, advancing with depth and density gathering together in a jubilant conference crafting out a celestial hazing of tripping tapestries and dream draped jazzy euphoria that imagine Bill Laswell retooling a lunar fantasia from discarded Terry Riley scores.

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