the band whose name is a symbol

Strangely enough just the other day, while briefly dipping into one of the cassettes being readied up for digitising, we happened across an old Peel broadcast, on the playlist a track by the Whirling Dervishes. I hear your thoughts, he’s off again I hear you saying, mind reading being a newly acquired add on along with ‘hair’ since the treatment, bet that’s scared you. Anyhow, I was only cajoled into remembering this as a happy coincidence as this track is called ‘poverty of the dervish’ which as hapless as links might go this will take some beating. Anyway, by the band whose name is a symbol (clearly not then) this is a track from an album they share with Shooting Guns entitled ‘in search of highs – volume 2’ that’s heading out shortly on the much envied Riot Season imprint. A weighty mystic coiled in deep psychedelicised snake charms all blessed with the kind of primordial vintage that might suggest it’d been carved out of Sanskrit, a desert scorched spiritwalker scarred beneath sun frying skies trading in storm calling mantras whose husk dry hulking riffolas reverberate with a mind warping hypnotic the type of which we were almost minded to go off rooting out groove by the Heads for comparison. Did we mention it was a tad stoned, no – it’s a tad stoned. Sorted.

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