archiv: white rose movement

archive review – originally posted on the losing today site c. 2007


Hogging all the best stuff or so you’d imagine are Independiente. Not content with having Shortwave Set and David Ford on their bulging but talented roster (both featured elsewhere incidentally) these pups with an ear for delicious pop also have their own dirty Duran Duran in the form of White Rose Movement. No strangers to these pages – their debut release from last year (’Love is a Number’) literally laid siege to our turntable for several weeks and proved to be one of the most infectious and effervescent slices of pristine pulse bopping pop of the year. Now with an album in the can (entitled ‘Kick’) and due for imminent release – an instrumental copy of which we are already playing to death ‘Girls in the Back’ their third single is another cherries and icing packed portion of radio rogering wide eyed pop. Contagious to the point you’d think it advisable to seek cautionary jabs for, this post three minute dance floor flattening groove truck flirts, poses and struts with such seductiveness you’d be forgiven for thinking it had stridden straight from a Paris catwalk. Undeniably inspired by the 80’s new romantics scene this baby has enough savvy to drink from the same pissing pool as the current trend setters with its mainlining cocktail of cutely vibrant angular riffs, mascara stained synths and backing harmonies ripped straight from Toto Coelo. By heck our kid it’s good.

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