the wedding present

I suspect I’m walking into a whole hullabaloo (created purely by myself) whereupon I’m expecting complaint letters and corrections aplenty about this. Now I’ve got to admit, I never saw this on the finalised list of Record Store Day releases which suggests its either a late entry or one of those errant stand-a-lone’s thrown in as part of the day’s celebrations (a bit like those Polytechnic Youth / Horror Sounds lathes for Norman records the last two years or the super secret Silver Apples outing for Enraptured this year). Just ahead of the remastered release of their (Ukranians) Peel sessions collection (a review will be coming when that is, we manage to track the fleeting email we briefly spotted losing itself in our inbox) here’s the Wedding Present with the lost ‘Davni Chasy’ single, which prepped for release way back 30 years ago was pulled at the last minute when the band signed for RCA. Now way back in the day, the Weddoes where known for their occasional detours in playing Ukranian folk songs on a select number of Peel sessions (an idea birthed and inspired by guitarist Pete Solowka). Proving to be a success among both the band and fans alike, it brought the Weddoes a new listenership, the Ukranians eventually splintering from the band and setting out alone. Upon hearing the rollicking toe tapping cheer of ‘Davni Chasy’ you might be thinking, I’ve heard that tune somewhere else before, putting you out of your misery, indeed it might well be the McCartney produced Mary Hopkins’ ‘those where the days’ hit from the late 60’s. the melody borrowed from an old romantic folk song titled “Dorogoi dlinnoyu” penned by Boris Fomin (let’s just hope the Wikipedia citations are right for once). Left in the hands of the Weddoes a perfectly executed nostalgic charm rises from the grooves all adored and lilted in sweet reflections of what might have been whilst soldered to a frantically bracing and highly spirited rash forming infectious romp of some measure. Absolutely essential, as though you needed telling.

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