porridge radio

Not one of the tracks prepped originally for the evenings listening, this one caught us on the hop following on the sound cloud in hot pursuit of the earlier mentioned Weddoes track. This is, I believe, Porridge Radio with a track going by the name ‘give / take’ through the memorials of distinction imprint, a label who I’m certain we’ve had cause to write about with a degree of fondness in earlier dispatches. Anyhow, this ‘un has what you might call a kind of slow to burn aura attaching to its grooves, the type of which easily recalls the likes of the Clerks and Controller Controller from back in the day, which while we’re here, also had us minded to go off in search of Kaputt’s adorable, though criminally overlooked, ‘Dishes’ debut. Possessed of a fixed stare glazing, this austere haloed post punker is adored with an ice cooled monochrome that purrs with a distracting emotional neglect which harnessed to a loop grooved monotony self harms with an anti love detailing, which now we come to think on, who remembers Bleach? https://soundcloud.com/memorials-of-distinction/porridge-radio-givetake

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