silver apples vs. andrew weatherall

I’m guessing one of this years Record Store Days list attractions surely has to be a super limited lathe press heading out of the Enraptured stable. Not entirely sure how you’ll get a copy or whether indeed this is like those Horror Sounds / Polytechnic Youth sorties exclusively done through Norman records these last two events. What we are certain about is that it features two tracks from Simeon of the legendary Silver Apples, one a new revisioning of ‘Oscillations’ the other a mind melting floor slippery by way of a remix by Andy Weatherall. ‘oscillations’ as remodelled here, is grooved to replicate his live performances. A hypnotic mantra weaved from mind probing psychotropic pulsars and shamanic shape shifting sorcery, intense and fried, deeply mesmeric and tripping, a critical meltdown in the message centre hazed and haloed in tranced out auto suggestions and analogue mystics that converge in gloopy pools of lock grooved tech turn ons all of which imagine a seriously wired and freaked out White Noise. Left in the hands of Mr Weatherall, ‘the edge of wonder’ is lightly harvested and sprayed in oodles of mind morphing magic dust that delicately trip to a deeply alluring orbital flight path a-glowed and evolved anew in the cosying swirling corteges of cosmic dub dapples and bliss bathed spectral shimmerings. Need I say more ‘cept to say, class.

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