pull the plug

Latest two pull the plug shows have arrived, one in the aftermath of Scott Walker’s passing which is marked here by the inclusion of two of the hosts favourite cuts ‘it’s raining today’ and plastic palace people’. No qualms here with a spot of ‘Scott 3’ an album admittedly I’ve never really got on with, though once you are done with this may I persuade to hook up to the Late Junction on Radio 3 – https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0003rrv wherein as a tribute they replayed the Jarvis Cocker Scott mix tape – after that wander over to you tube for Cocker’s interview with the great man for his Sunday Service transmission way back in 2017 …… it goes a lot like this …..

Elsewhere, you’ll find something rather trippy and cosmic, not too mention, orbiting in the hallowed realms of Silver Apples courtesy of Electromagnetic Playground’s oceanic celestial ‘Aspic Boulevard’, a track taken from an imminent full length for Blow Up titled ‘memory recall of a replicant dream’, something I strongly suggest you set your radar for. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m fairly certain we’ve had cause to sneak a few Cobalt Chapel gems into these musings over the last few years or, via Klove this is ‘Two (variant) which I’ll wager you, close your eyes, listen carefully and then tell me this isn’t classic era Wurlitzer / Duophonic Broadcast groove, utterly gorgeous. Next up, Willie Gibson with a release that has seriously been causing a kerfuffle around these here parts, mainly because I swear we’ve a promo that annoyingly, has gone walkabouts, something which we’ll do our damnedest to rectify in the coming days (blame the piles of cassettes currently obscuring the listening desk in our tape to digital transfer nightmare). Anyhow, nuff of the chattering, this is the quite sublime ‘dawn flight’, a nostalgic silver age electronic woozy very much tuned into those lulling library lunars of the 60’s, kind of Meek overseeing Morton Subotnick crafting out murmuring moon mosaics. I’m sure I’m on the Fika mailing list, in which case, why the hell has this managed to escape our love and adoring so far, from we show up on radar this is the ridiculously trippy sun fried soft psych idyll of ‘Willow Tree’, one for those Brigadier and all things Grandpa Stan records admirers among you. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-28th-march-2019/

Transmission #398 features a smattering of cuts on its playlist, all of which I’m happy to say we’ve not heard previously, more for us to go off rooting out for potential listening and future mentions. The show opening with a spot of authentic mid 60’s garage shadow play in the guise of ‘ego death’ by the beginner’s mynd, sounds very Mistreaters in a scuffle with the Misunderstood, definitely something that ought to be on the radar of old school Freak Emporium fans. Not sure if this is the same Cave who used to feature regularly regularly amid these missives one time or another, I’m guessing indeed the same given they are currently residing on the Drag City imprint, herewith ‘Beaux’ which before we all start, can I suggest you might want to skin up for because this is super mellow and stone toned to the extent that those Terrascope folk are probably right this moment flipping their wigs to whilst huddled around a communal circle passing around strangely aromatic bongs. Up next, the excellently named Opium Eyes of Nico, damn why don’t I get sent records by bands called such, title alone ‘’Drone In C 8 (Syd’s Golden Hair)’ ought to give you fair idea of where this is going, a bliss fizzed mystical ghosted in mind morphing hallucinogens and tripped with an imperial touching that adores it with a spectral aura that sounds as old as the Earth. From monumental to murmuring, a swooning sweetie from Drugdealer featuring Weyes Blood that’s heading out of Mexican Summer going by the name ‘honey’, a lazy eyed woozy courted with a sweetly mellowed fleet folk idyll shroomed and harnessed in honeyed harmonies and breeze blissed pedal steel motifs, utterly adorable. Its left to the sensation seekers to bring up the rear with the flame hot and funky giddy up ‘jerk beat’, a kooky slab of hip wiggling late 60’s lounge bop, need I say more other than the blighters too infectious for its own good. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-4th-april-2019/

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