jill fraser

Been a while since we had any Data Cult Audio groove bothering our listening space, judging by their latest arrivals, we have plenty of catching up to in which case, no better way than we can think of , than with a superb set from Jill Fraser. Now I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that thus far, Ms Fraser has never, as far as I know, appeared on our radar before now. Under the watchful eye of Morton Subotnick and according to the liner notes accompanying this mix, sharing classes with John Cale and Lou Harrison, Fraser appeared on the scene around the late 70’s and well, the rest you can read for yourselves. This sub 40 minute is a stunning appreciation of old school electronica brittleness and edginess liberated, curved and coalesced into neo classicist patterns, beautifully dreamy, these dancing lights waltz, shimmer and pirouette in the lunar oceans, it really is most effecting, the choreography exquisite and finite ensures the mix breathlessly flashes by in a blink. Utilising a wide spectrum of sound which initially emerges from a primitive silver age fog that nods to the likes of her mentor Subotnick and the likes of Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan, ‘0103’ serves as a shoehorned history of electronica which up to the 20 minute mark or nearby, twinkles irresistibly with an awed space age twinkling and subtle kosmische turning. After a momentary 5 minute juncture wherein Orbital / Plaid like markers are planted, matters get distractively skewed and abstracted not to mention a tad trippy and psychedelically flavoured. Aphex lifeforms emerge arrested by a wonderfully woozy glitch gloaming, new age Radiophonic gloopy giggles terraform and shape shift amid dissolving pools of mystical third eye thawing technoid dubtronica before settling down for the last hurrah to embark for the airless beyond. https://soundcloud.com/datacultaudio/data-cult-audio-0103-jill-fraser

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