Next up, two essential earworms incoming through ERR Rec of Paris and something we will be returning to, if not tomorrow then certainly at some point in the coming week. We suggest and its only a suggestion mind, that you play this sparingly, so serene, genteel and mesmeric it be, that you might be prone to disconnecting from your surroundings to find yourself gently relocated to some dream draped astral idyll. This is ‘Les Cultes du Cargo’ by Novlang, available shortly in a strictly limited pressing of just 80 cassettes, the work of one Paul Braillard here applying the kind of nostalgic electronic woozy you’d be forgiving for thinking had time slipped a decade or three, dropping as were from some forgotten silver age of analogue synth cool. Certainly something we’d suggest you listen to in tandem with that equally alluring spectral from Willie Gibson through the Gare Du Nord imprint. For now, our affections have been found lost to the charms of ‘I I I I I I / ‘ – incidentally the longest track here, a demurring night light softly swathed in star twinkled solar soul serenades caressed in playful patterns of binary pastorals which to us at least, had a fondly cosy effect of imagining an astral dancing ISAN and Plone locked in a celestial cuddle. https://err-rec.bandcamp.com/album/les-cultes-du-cargo

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