the blue herons (feat. thierry haliniak)

Literally just landing in our listening box, this is the blue herons featuring guest vocals by thierry haliniak (my raining stars) on a track going by the name ‘another chance’. A bit of a dandy this one, in part helped along because our headspace is currently knee deep and reliving 90’s scene mainly due to our ongoing digital transferring of our hulking and obsessive tape collection, which aside turning up treats aplenty by bands we’d forgotten about, has simultaneously served like a diary throwing up memories good and bad along the way. Only this morning, listening to the World of Twist which I’ll admit this ‘un has a stray aura of. Yet scratch a little deeper and the affectionate indie shoe shuffling soon gives way to a mellowing cool whose hushed harmonies, shimmering jangles and beat bleached sun glazing had us imagining the High in cahoots with the Paris Angels with the criminally overlooked 18 Wheeler noodling magically at the mixing desk.

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