tiger tigre

Still staying with ERR REC a little while longer, another release on limited cassette issue, this time in a 100 only pressing and set for appearance on Record Store Day, this is ‘MIAOU!’ by Tiger Tigre. Again another release we’ll return to mention in full later in the week though not before pulling up for a second to at least mention one of its number, the smitten inducing ‘France Afrique’. Emerging from its glacial shelling, this slice of silken soundtrackism sumptuously framed with a svelte ghosting of 80’s panoramics is tamed with a subtle though nonetheless, alluring jungalist mosaic that hints of Mr Jarre’s ‘Zoolook’ at times refracted through a metropolis by night noir teased Kraftwerkian chic albeit remodelled by a funkily noodlesome Art of Noise. https://err-rec.bandcamp.com/album/miaou

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