archiv: osaka

archive review originally posted on the losing today site c. 2001/2


Some more delicious paint by numbers dreamy pop overtures this time from the French duo Osaka. An overall lighter affair than the seven inch single they released on the wonderful Active Suspension label.
Recorded in Brest on a four track portable studio, ‘Life for Dead Spaces’ is a blissful aural delight taking along it’s path elements of fellow label mates Portal, Yellow 6 and most crucially Stylus whose faraway desolated signatures can be heard on the eloquent ‘Mobsters and Racketeers’, which basically contains everything a serene atmospheric collage should contain, slumbering guitars rubbing shoulders with beckoning warm synths.

The slightly pacey and sparse sounding ‘A walking aberration’ with it’s eerie punctuation’s is toned by some delicate French language vocals care of Valerie M. ‘All done with Mirrors’ takes you on an out of body journey across restless oceans while never having to leave the safety of your bedroom. Awash with atmospherics this track has a sense of sculptured beauty about it. In fact throughout the whole album, Osaka delight in the use of repetitive winding guitar, carving serene and sublime patchworks, smooth and rounded with no rough edges, ‘Life for dead spaces’ concerns itself not with frills but with soothing harmonies and in it’s endeavours succeeds succinctly.

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