archiv: quickspace

archive review originally posted in the print edition of losing today magazine c. 2000 / 01 ….


So often saddled with being the best avant-garde band behind Stereolab, Quickspace have forged a consistent progression with each release. Death of Quickspace is a title that is seemingly premature given that the band on the evidence of these nine tracks have never sounded so alive, Death signals a band coming into full bloom and shifting towards their own space. Death is at times ferocious, at others playful, it’s all consuming nature draws on many genres for cross reference, you’ll hear Bowie (John I’m only dancing) glam, country, krautrock and even folk all ingested and regurgitated with such original insight that you will wonder whose idea was it originally. The relaxed nature of the album is plain to see as you get further into it, the guards are down but the objectives are direct. The opener Lobbalong Song is a white-hot fusion of metronomic punk bearing shades of the Penguin Café Orchestra from herein the mood relaxes. ‘They shoot horses don’t they’ and the ‘Climbing a Hill’ show exquisitely how far Quickspace have matured, both drift and build slowly layer by layer, and lets just say if this was Sonic Youth the critics would be praising them from the highest vantage points. Climbing a Hill is particularly affectionate given its guitar gimmickry that always threatens to derail but never quite does. Gloriana has a brief quality of After the Goldrush to it being set toe to toe with the Pixies abandonment as blueprinted on their final album Trompe La Monde, the eerie quality is sublimely married to some cool pyrotechnic guitars partly Chant of the ever circling Skeletal family by Bowie. The nursery rhyme approach of The Munchers is backed into the corner by some intimidatory chord sequences while A Rose has slide guitars and all manner of feathered friends twittering in the distance, yep Quickspace do country too and quite admirably, curiously enough at the chorus it does sound oddly like Grocer Jack. Death don’t even think about it, this is a crucial re-alignment of intention. Buy now and make your record collection the coolest on the block or else face ridicule from your smart friends.

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