the bordellos

And now for the annual Bordellos record store day release that isn’t in a record store, impish folk that they are, this is being readied up by the Metal Postcard imprint for digital delight. A bit of an oldie is the 5 track ‘Crabs’ EP (now titled ‘Arms’) so nicknamed as it was originally planned as a Fruits de Mer outing of which, sadly and disappointingly, only one of its number made it through and onward to the labels ever so strict release scheduling. Alas what a gem it would have made, though arguably its perhaps easy to see why Keith and Co might have politely passed on the option, for ‘Arms’ is nothing if it isn’t the most consistent and cohesive of outings to have emerged from the Bordellos sound house, well that’ll be consistently and cohesively crooked we should add at this juncture. The Clinic-esque pastoral ‘frozen playground’, opens the parade, a curiously disarming and dizzying hypnotic sortie weaved of an off centering soft psych crookedness that’s blessed with a lolloping magically wistful oddness grooved in blurring bonged out blues mystics that’s brushed with a latter career Freed Unit waywardness that comes with all manner of Southall Riot attachments. Up next, the gnawing ‘moving sideways’, a more gnarled garage gouged affair, part Fall part swampland part very early Pavement, whatever the case, endows it with a warping lysergic edginess that we here at least, wish they’d explore a little more. ‘Bagpuss’ continues with this rich seam of half arsed out of focus easy on the ear trippiness, almost funky in a stoner stylee that imagines A Simple Kid blissing out on Frank Wobbly and Sons grooves, dare I say the Superimposers in a muted and mellowed moment, oh go on then. ‘Spirals’, the track that did make it to Fruits de Mer legend provides for a moment of mercurial reflectiveness that’s numbed with a becoming bitter sweet spraying and a sighing melancholic hollowing. ‘whistling through the corpses’ rounds out the set, a skewed and somewhat shambling lo-fi sore thumb, freeform, freaked and fried. Think that covers all you need to know.

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