jean-claude vannier

Thought lost, one of the key Record Store Day releases, for us at least, was an obscure Finders Keepers sortie featuring three cuts from a Jean Claude Vannier soundtrack for the ’83 French thriller ‘Le Bête Noire’. Pressed on limited slabs of seven inch vinyl, the release might well be seen as something of an oddball curio in Vannier’s exquisite canon, featuring two versions of the title track (opener and reprise variants), a sultry free jazz wig flipper coolly cut in the rhythmically awkward and contortionist tension toned vibe that had us in truth, much minded with immediately effect, of that rather spiffing Tubby Hayes outing (‘Voodoo session’) for Trunk a few years ago. Yet for all its pacey noir grizzled early 70’s colouring, we suggest you fast forward to to the wonderfully playful and rousing oompah of ‘Danse de la bête noire‘ whereupon drinking hall and Cabaret cultures collide with an irresistible Vaudeville kookiness.

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