Ah, the luxury of the open, the wastelands, the nothingness; that solitary serene, just you, your thoughts and the landscape, in a silent conversation perhaps a simple stolen moment forming an understanding with that sense of your point, presence and perhaps, part in the grander scheme. There is a forever-ness here, a timelessness, a state of the quiet eternal where the here and now forms a bridge between the yesterdays now gone and the tomorrows to come. With a classicist clarity and an adept understanding of the use of space and poise in order to achieve the maximum effect of the majestic, the cinematic and most important of all, the forlorn and lonesome, this is Spaceship with a lengthy trailer that heralds the imminent arrival of ‘Outcrops’ through the much loved WIIWYA imprint towards the end of May where it’ll be available on both digital and vinyl platforms. File under epically glacial.

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