Interlude ….. the great tape to digital tedium project ……

Interlude ….. the great tape to digital tedium project ……

Sorry but it’s been a lazy day, on seriously strong antibiotics at the moments that are literally wiping me out, normal service hopefully resuming tomorrow with two releases from the Dark Outside splinter label Bibliotapes. But for now, with the tapes, recorded on an old Memorex DBS1 which according to a theory put forward by the Cassette Comeback folk, where made by the hugely reliable SKC people, anyway this is a C-60 with a Peel show recorded 11/1/1992 – the Orb’s ‘loving you’ taking up most of side B. My eldest, Kelly would have been three at the time, she’d often wander into the kitchen when anything remotely noisy or guitar-y came into earshot doing head banging impersonation, cute as a button. We’d just moved, previous month or thereabouts, the house in Clubmoor a huge beat needed extensive underpinning, I loved the place. My dad had died a few months earlier, I wouldn’t get the news for a few months, family splits so on and so forth and perhaps due to the fact that both me and my father were as stubborn as hell, ever heard that Louden Wainwright III track ‘father and son’ (I think that’s the title) – well that pretty much covers it. A chance meeting with my brother Anthony in Kwik Save one day alerted me things weren’t right. Sad to say, I’ve never kept touch with his side of the family since, I am the original black sheep. Even sadder, the fact that I lost touch with my brother. Anyway back to the sounds, session guests on this occasion where Whipped Cream and Th’ Faith Healers, both of whom I loved at the time ….. anyhow a few you tube snippets …. P.s. just how good Greenhouse were …. almost forgot about them …….

The Orb ……

Th’ Faith Healers ….

Hammerhead …..

Mr Ray’s Wig World …..

Little Johnny Taylor …..

Silverfish ….

Marble Orchard ……

Greenhouse …..

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