Interlude ….. the ongoing adventures of the great tape to digital project …..

Interlude ….. the ongoing adventures of the great tape to digital project …..

…. Sorry folks, having a night off due to football, illness and trepidation of tomorrows consultant appointment …. the less said the better, fear not we have Farina, Hare Moon, A Year in the Country and more being prepped for weekend mentions …. anyhow, in the meantime, we’ve been continuing apace with these tape conversions to digital archive, among the delights a Good Friday daytime broadcast featuring one Mr Peel, elsewhere the Pistols playing nicely in a rare pre Finsbury Park interview which for Rotten at least, makes a change given his despair at his former band members in an earlier interview from Feb ’92 for the Saturday show where for once, his ire for Matlock is out gunned by his flippant disinterest of Cook and Jones, even back then, talking up a possible reunion. Anyway, a few selected sounds ….. starting out with Wonky Alice, such a stunning band, whatever happened to them and datblygu – hell’s teeth …. Just stunning …..

Wonky Alice …..

World of twist …..

The telescopes …..

Terrorvision …..

The Heart Throbs …..

Third dimension ….

Honeymoon killers …..

Datblygu ….

Werefrogs …..

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